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Why store gold in professional vaults offering safe deposit boxes?

Gold is considered one of the safest ways to invest your capital. However, it is also important to secure your investments and minimise the risk of theft or loss. This is why it is advisable to store your gold in professional vaults that offer safe deposit boxes. Here are some reasons why you should do so:


Professional vaults offer a high level of security so that you can store your gold safely. Such a vault uses the latest security systems such as monitoring, alarms and access control systems. This means that your gold is stored in a place that is very difficult to break into or bypass.


Many professional vaults offer private safe deposit boxes, which means that the purchaser has full control over their gold. These types of safe deposit boxes are usually rented for a limited period of time and only the owner has the key to the safe. This means that no one else has access to the safe deposit box without the owner's permission, which guarantees complete privacy.


Professional vaults offer a variety of vault sizes, meaning that buyers can choose the right size depending on the amount of gold stored. This means that gold storage can be scaled up as it grows, without having to change vaults or move the gold to another location.


Professional vaults offer insurance for stored gold. This means that if the gold is stolenor damaged, the owner will be compensated under the insurance policy. This providesadditional protection and peace of mind in the event of unforeseen events.


Professional vaults offer 24/7 accessibility to your stored gold. This means that you can access your gold whenever you need it. If your gold is stored elsewhere, there is a risk that you may not be able to access it when you need it, such as in an emergency orsudden need to sell.

Safebox24 professional gold storage

Safebox24 offers professional deposit of gold and silver in vaults in Switzerland and European Union. Our services include:

  • certified, modern vaults in Zurich and other European cities

  • safe deposit boxes in various sizes,

  • deposit box insurance by the British Lloyds Insurance Group up to EUR 500,000 without disclosing the contents,

  • professional service and unlimited access to the vault 24/7

About us

Safebox24 is one of the largest independent vault operators in European Union and the first private, automated vault operator in Switzerland. From 2019 we offer safe deposit boxes in modern, certified vaults, together with individual Lloyd's Insurance policy, professional service and 24/7 access for clients.


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