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Secure your belongings for the holidays - Safebox24 AG safe deposit box

Thieves are not on holiday

The holidays begin, and with them the number of burglaries in houses and flats increases while we are away. Thefts and burglaries become a disaster during the holiday season. In recent years, robberies, thefts from cars and valuables stored in the home have been recorded again in major European cities. This often happens despite alarm systems, surveillance and security systems.

What is worth securing?

During the festive season, when you are not at home, it is worth securing important and valuable items properly. These often include family heirlooms, works of art, jewellery and watches, back-up copies of family photos, documents or savings. Some of these items have sentimental value (e.g. family photos or grandmother's jewellery), others would be difficult to find again (deeds, property documents, contracts).

Safebox24 AG - Safer than at home

In Europe, a safe deposit box used to be associated with a bank safe deposit box. Bank safe deposit boxes were offered by banks to their customers for the storage of valuables. Nowadays, the bank safe deposit box is becoming increasingly rare - banks are gradually reducing the provision of this service and moving into the hands of private safe deposit operators, and this trend is also emerging in Europe. In countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria and Switzerland, private vaults have been in operation for many years and are very popular. The largest operators offer safe deposit boxes in modern, certified vaults together with individual insurance policies and advanced security and user identification systems. Access to the vaults is increasingly available around the clock or at more customer-friendly times than at the bank and in various sizes.

Private safe deposit box - what to look out for?

Private bank safes are the inevitable alternative to bank safes and safe deposit boxes, which are disappearing along with large bank branches. When choosing a safe deposit box, it is worth paying attention to a few key elements. When choosing a vault operator, you should make sure that they have the necessary licences and qualifications.

Another aspect is the vault itself. Such a room should have the necessary certifications, in particular the ECBS or VdS certificate. Every professional vault in Europe should have a valid security certificate and be assigned to an appropriate class, which has an impact on the security of the vault and its insurance. Many vaults in Europe were built decades ago and some do not have a valid certification. It is therefore worth checking whether the safe has a valid certification.

Access to the vault is an extremely important aspect. Modern vaults around the world now offer their customers access to the vault 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This is particularly important in times of uncertainty and crisis situations. A perfect example of this would be the coronavirus and the restrictions caused by a pandemic. In such situations, customers should have unrestricted and secure access to the safe deposit box. Some customers know that the bank safe deposit box is usually only available to a limited extent in such situations, and bank employees arrange appointments to view the safe in good time.

Insurance policies - additional protection

Equally important are the operator's insurance policies, i.e. how insured are our safe deposit box and the safe deposit box operator's activities as well as the safe deposit box itself. In comparison to a bank safe deposit box, it is important to know that bank safe deposit boxes and bank safes are generally not insured and are not subject to the bank guarantee fund. With a certified safe, a private operator has the option of insuring each individual safe up to a certain limit without disclosing the contents. In Western Europe, these limits are even higher than CHF 250,000 per safe deposit box; in Switzerland, the highest limit is currently CHF 500,000, which Safebox24 AG offers for a single safe deposit box. You should also enquire whether the operator has liability insurance and an asset policy that protects the facility itself. Such policies increase the operator's liability and affect the security of our safe deposit box.

More on our insurance policy in a separate blog article:

What can be stored in a safe deposit box?

Bank safe deposit box tenants should note that there are various restrictions on the storage of items. The restrictions are usually listed in the operator's terms and conditions and relate to items that may compromise the security of the safe and other safe deposit boxes - a safe deposit box is not a place to store explosives or flammable substances, drugs, liquids, food or criminal items. Bank customers are used to the fact that cash cannot be deposited in a safe deposit box. The situation is different with private safes - cash and valuables can be stored in most of them.

How much does it cost to rent a safe deposit box?

The cost of renting a safe deposit box usually depends on the size of the safe deposit box, the rental period and the insurance conditions. Renting a safe deposit box costs up to over CHF 500.00 per year for the smallest box. A safe deposit box from an independent provider costs around CHF 300.00 per year for a large and practical A4-size box. 24/7 lockers, such as those offered by Safebox24 AG, cost from around CHF 300.00 per year, but can also be rented for a month from around CHF 35.00.

Safebox24 AG - Safe holidays

The holiday season is a time for relaxation and should be a time for rest. If you are planning a safe holiday, you should consider storing your most important belongings outside your house or flat. The procedure for hiring a safe deposit box takes about 30 minutes, access to the safe deposit box is granted after signing a contract and we can deposit your belongings at any time. Full details of locker sizes, rental periods, prices and insurance can be found on our website You are also welcome to call us or visit our facility and speak to an expert who will explain how the facility works and will be happy to answer any further questions you may have.

About us

Safebox24 is one of the largest independent safe deposit box operators in the European Union and the first private, automated safe deposit box operator in Switzerland. Since 2019, we have been offering safe deposit boxes in modern, certified facilities, along with a customised Lloyds' insurance policy, professional service and 24/7 access for customers.


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