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About Us

Safebox24 is one of the largest independent vault operators in European Union and the first private, fully automated vault operator in Switzerland. From 2019 Safebox24 offers safe deposit boxes in modern certified vaults together with Lloyd's Insurance policy, profesional services and 24/7 access for clients.


Safebox24 AG is a Swiss vault and safe deposit boxes operator with a modern, certified, fully automated vault, in the center of Zurich. We offer a carefully chosen location, parking for our clients, 24/7 access, superior security, professional customer service in multiple languages as well as individual insurance up to EUR 500,000 without disclosure of the contents and the option to buy and deposit precious metals.


Safebox24 facilities have the highest security parameters, are equipped with surveillance systems, 24-hour security and top-notch identification and verification technologies.


Safebox24 brand was created by specialists with many years of international experience in security, asset protection, banking and cybersecurity.


Safebox24 AG

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